About Us
We are a public school that is attracting significant attention from educators and parents alike, not only for our unique approach to learning and exceptional staff, but for our parent involvement and our diversity.

The San Diego Cooperative Charter School (SDCCS) is a comprehensive elementary school that serves students in kindergarten through Eighth Grade, located in Linda Vista.

Operating with a Charter status from the San Diego Unified School District, we were approved and endorsed by the district and receive funding like traditional schools. In addition to a standard core Curriculum, we offer classes in Music, art and PE. We also have our own Garden!

What makes SDCCS special is its unique approach to learning. Principal Wendy Ranck-Buhr and her staff employ what is known as a constructivist curriculum model. This model allows students to draw from their own experiences, not only helping them to make a real-life connection to the goals and objectives of classroom instruction, but also helping them to become a critical and creative thinkers.

In addition to the constructivist philosophy, the school also follows the California Curriculum Framework And Standards like traditional schools and is dedicated to meeting and exceeding all performance standards applied to schools throughout the state.

Part of the key to the SDCCS approach is parental involvement at every level of our operation.

We are working at building a student body that reflects the diversity of San Diego's neighborhoods. All of us at the school - teachers, parents, and administrators alike - are working hard to recruit students from every neighborhood in San Diego. Our location makes SDCCS a great choice for parents who work downtown and want their children Close By, in an innovative and focused academic environment.

The school features small class sizes, and we offer extended day school programs.


We believe that with the coordinated support of Parents, teachers, and the larger community, every child can become a skilled and confident learner. An essential element of our vision is the full participation of all the parents in our program. To be considered for admission to the San Diego Cooperative Charter School, the parents of each child must enthusiastically agree to be a full participant in the school community, including:
Support of their child's school work
Attendance at mandatory parent meetings (four per year)
Conferences with their child's teacher (twice per year)